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because life is a bitch

I, for one, cannot, understand why people go to clubs, pubs or the dark loud places to hang out. The magic is lost on me. However, because life is a bitch, it has to happen that 99% of my friend loveeee these places and more often than i like to, i was dragged along and will end as wallflower of the night. These places are filled with posers (read: people who are dressed to their nines,going around with overpriced liquor in hand and ciggy sticking from lips, pretending they are having a ball of the time and hugging everyone in sight), smoke from a gazillion cigarettes (not that i dont love lung cancer but the smell of smoke really bothers my nostrils), lousy loud sleazy remix music blaring from some exhausted speakers and idiotic people grinding to the idiotic music in a semi drunken state.

I am always the observant side-sitter so let me be the sane and sober voice, these places suck.

A friend once tell me 'we go there to free our minds, the music will set u free and u can reeally be yourself'

Well, that is only true if my free real self is longing to drunkenly grind to loud britney remix in the dark so that my toes are trampled god knows how many times, all the time inhaling cancer well into the wee hours of the morning.

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