2011 : Uninvited

It seems everyone loves to neatly sum up the past year when the new year waltzs in, not necessarily a romantic thing to do but i might as well. 2010 has been everything but neat to me. If there is a time where i doubt if i have officially leaped into Responsible Adulthood(some say it should have happened 10 years ago), 2010 was it. So much have happened, indeed more than i would have liked or prepared to like, that 2011 seemed to be barging in uninvited. Here's a list of things that I did or happened to me for the first time in 2010, in no particular order of importance.

#1 Sat for the Most Difficult Exam in the World. I nearly died but thank God, passing CLP make it almost laughable.

#2 Bought my first car ever. well, no one actually believes that i sold my right  kidney to buy it.

#3 Have zero money in my savings. thanks to #1 and #2

#4 My favourite aunt passed away. she bought me my first story book ever when i was 8 which instilled in me a passion for literature and the finer things of life. She is deeply missed.

#5 Started working properly. in direct correlation to #1,  I managed to start chambering under one of the finest criminal lawyers in the state and Im loving every second of it.

#6 Made some amazing amazing friends. you know who you are!! and i thought i was the craziest person around, how wrong.

#7 Contemplate to buy a house. well, sightseeing with a friend. i love condos, hate my bank account

#8 Cutting calories.  this is not necessarily the first time, but definitely the most necessary time, my waistline has to agree.

#9 Index finger slammed by the car door. one word, OUCH. Ok shut up.

#10 Colour contact lense fever. this is so 2000 and late but beauty is never ever dated, or so i managed to convinced myself admist swollen adulterated teary eyes, choke choke

The list goes on and on shamelessly. What better way to start a new year than whoring a new blog to unabashedly embrace my deep-seated vanity and unapologetic self-absorption, all in the name of good fun? For now, i officially extend my hand to 2011. Welcome!!!

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  1. Great post.

    #2 is weird.
    #10 Same here. Gonna be buying 2 more sets soon.

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