To Kill Or Not To Kill

When I was asked to blog about abortion, my brain shivers and screams for a blanket because it is The Topic. There is no one right answer because opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. No one can talk about abortion smiling, it has to be tip-toed approached with a considered degree of reservation, knowledge, tact and sensitivity. Truth is, I have none of those. From a raw point of view, i think when you dig into our own body with a coathanger and pull out some bloody pieces of flesh mess, it cannot be good. 

I wish abortion debates stops dead right there but then again, we are a nation of intellectuals. We need to sound clever because this is a serious issue. Pro-choice movement raises their flag: Women has a right to choose don't they? It is their uncompromisable civil right. To outlaw abortion is to deny woman and those feminists will make noise again and no one can ever win a debate with a feminist, can anyone? If men got pregnant, abortion would be available at convenience stores and drive through windows. Also abortions usually take place in the first trimester when the fetus cannot exist without the mother and relies upon the health of the mother. So it does not have a separate existence as it cannot exist outside the woman's womb. Technically then, it is not a murder(to be safe I just cut and paste this from Google)

Also, they manage to throw in some moral grounds to support abortion. What if the woman is raped? the baby is found to be unhealthy? disabled? what will the future of the child be? Better kill it Now. There is no dignity in prolonging his/her suffering by letting him live. 

Then the Pro-Life saints march in : Two words, it's murder.

Well my thoughts? To be clever, I was tempted to stay on the fence but as I was trying to get some pictures for this post, I found my stand. I hope they will help you find yours too. 

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