I Rest My Case

Jawi Court
Armed with a pencil-sketched map drawn by the ever helpful Kartik, i drove to the court in Jawi, took more than an hour to reach there due to morning traffic and utter lack of sense of direction on my part. After three wrong turns and approximately 2000 calls to a very patient Kartik, I finally was greeted by this orange building which looked exactly exactly like my primary school, complete with a freshly manicured mini garden with water feature, classroom-sized chambers, a small compound, narrow corridors, black signboards, tight-lipped staffs and it even smelled like my primary school. I can't mention the condition of the toilet here, at least not before lunch. 

Lucky us Penangites, our Court looks unspeakably majestic. The view at night is crazy. Check this.
Penang Court night view
Penang Court day view

Veen(female colleague, young, deeply in love, hopeless romantic) always go on and on about dying to have her wedding photographs taken in the halls of Penang court at nighfall.Well, to me, breathtaking view aside, i wonder if its an okay idea to associate budding romance with a cold stony black and white institution which sees the fall of many a marriage, angry splits and division of innocent children and cruel death of a once happy family.

someone please shoot the pessimist in me.

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