Sorry Sir, No Plastic Bag

Sweet Little Penang has jumped on the Green wagon by declaring a state-wide ban on the use of plastic bags beginning January 1 2011; a  giant leap towards environmentalism I would say. Last year, Penang was the first state to observe 'No Plastic Bag Day' in hypermarkets and shopping malls which was soon extended to 3 days a week. Now this total ban. My simmering pride of being part of such a commendable green practice was shortlived after an incident which happened to me in Prangin Mall.

I was at a famous Tomyam shop in Prangin Mall to take away a packet of tomyam noodle. After ordering, i sat down to wait in the crowded eatery. About two centuries later, the girl came out of the kitchen to hand me 3 packets each containing tomyam soup, glass noodles and rice. These 3 packets are not tied up with the long pink string (like they usually do) but tied by rubberbands, which means there was no strings to carry but I have to pinch them by the top. So in great disbelief, I looked at the girl with my 'are you kidding me' eyes and she gave me the 'no im not kidding you' look.

Me : Sorry, do you have a plastic bag for me to put these in? (pointing at the boiling hot tomyam and noodles and rice)

Girl : Sorry no. 

Me : (raising my voice by two octaves) May I ask why? 

Girl : No plastic bag day, you don't know? 

Me : (taking a deep breath and raise voice to another octave) I know, but look at these, they are boiling, how can i pinch it by the top and travel 6 floors up?

Girl : Normally we charge 20cents for a plastic bag. Ok?

Me: (in my final octave voice, by now I sounded like Mariah Carey) Okay! I want one plastic bag. 

Girl : Wait a while. 

After another two centuries later (I actually saw the seasons passing), the girl emerged. 

Girl : Sorry plastic bag finish (and she abruptly left to serve other customers)

At that very moment, while being aware of the importance of reducing my state's carbon footprint, I felt like leaving my footprint on her face. 

Sometimes Beauty can only be revealed by ugliness

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