Fleas of Sunday

Can one do lunch, coffee and flea market scouring in 1 hour or less?  Yes, one can. This afternoon I went Gurney with Wan Zhi , Siaw Lin and BF for lunch at Wong Kok, a place which I will only go if there's a worldwide famine and they are giving free food with someone escorting me at knife-point. Yes, the food was that HORRRRIBLE. Why the place is crowded is beyond me.

From the drinks to soup to dishes to dessert,  one word, horrifyingly awful. Wait, two words in fact. 

However, the mini flea market at Gurney Walk was a winner. We gotta give it up to the Japs. Apart from porn, the Japanese are known for their great affection for all things weird and kawaii. 
Silicon heat-resistant handler
Tall girl umbrellas
Ancient China Notebooks. My Fave. 

Tea Cup with a wooden stir. How Zen!

Pocket-sized Notepad

Gucci/LV handbag mugs

The weather is mad hot, we were restless and the salesperson were convincing and we ended up buying at least 3 items each without knowing what to do with them now. FML?

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