The much anticipated 'The Tourist' and it was a major let-down. Every single scene of Angelina Jolie is seemingly engineered to wow the audience with her Elegance. While no one can deny she is beautiful, overmanufacturing it becomes a turn-off; the perfect hair, the glow, the smile, ravishing dresses, the works urgghh. And i thought Johnny Depp could rescue the show but he is just the same old funny guy who is just endearing. The story line could be a little bit thicker for a gangster-spy movie and hello there are no explosions, believe me none at all!!!  Sometimes after a hectic day, i want at least something to explode or head chopped off or brains splattered but this one, none at all, how dare!!! At some point, I thought the movie is trying to be stylo-romantico  but it kind of simmers out and never achieved the arthouse effect. Less than 3, less than 3... that being said, if the success of the movie is ascertained by the number of times your jaw will drop to the floor upon seeing Angelina Jolie, then The Tourist is the Movie of the Year.

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