Of God, Flu and Justin Bieber

Heavy lunch, closing eyes
wish to nap, how can i?
scorching sun, mood is dry
work waiting, time to cry
add a flu, nice to die
runny nose, germs to fly
typing sound, lullaby.

The flu is killing me and im buried under a hill of napkins. Apart from my habitual lamentations about the Imperfect Life of Mine, lately I have the morning tendency to thank God in silence, turning down the radio trying to audio-fast(they are overplaying Justin Bieber in every fm) and have a little quiet time with God between house and office distance; 15 minutes of gratitude and reflection amidst the ugly cacophony of traffic roar, weekday drone and the usual works which erase what really really matters in Life. And it is not Justin Bieber. 

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