Mondays for Morons

I am somewhat convinced that Mondays are made for morons. Weekends leftoever pleasures are still lingering, songs still playing in our minds, good food still swimming in our stomach(if u have constipatory problems, that is)and friend's conversations are still ringing in our ears as we drag our holidaying feet to the cold cold place we call the Workdesk. Phones start blaring, people expect things from you, coffee get cold, the computer gets slower and slower as your eyes getting smaller than Mulan, thoughts become dimmer and suddenly its lunchtime, a genius invention to torture working class to the max. Consider this; u get one hour, u walk to your car parked two blocks away and drive out to cruise for an ideal lunch place, by ideal i mean it has to be one which is near to the office, has parking space you can swirl your car into Bond-style, serves quick but delicious food, airconditioned, cheap, halal (if your colleagues are Muslims) and finally agreed unanimously by all lunchmates. Then u stand around like idiots waiting to be seated in packed smoky greasy cigaretty stuffed eating area, an affair which can easily take up to 10 minutes. Then you and the legion of colleaques will begin to order, good luck if they comprise of girls.

Girl 1 : I want sirap limau ice kurang manis.

Waiter : makan?

Girl 1 : today got wat special?

Waiter : today is nasi tomato with ayam merah.

Girl 1: Ok i dont want nasi tomato with ayam merah. Got nasi briyani?

Waiter: let me check(shouting across to the kitchen in Tamil %^&#*$% to ask whether got nasi briyani)Yes.

Girl 1 : give me one nasi briyani, kuah daging, tak mau minyak.

Waiter : with ayam merah?

Girl 1: Errrrr (turning to Girl 2 and ask) u wan share ayam merah with me, its too big, cant finish.

Girl 2 : ok la.

Girl 1: ok nasi briyani with ayam merah. cepat ya.

Waiter : No problem.

Then Waiter turn to Girl 2 and the cycle continues. By the time Waiter takes order from Girl 5, i received a call from the retirement home asking whether i want to enrol. I politely rejected because eventhough the year is 2035, i still have to eat lunch and i havent ordered.

15 years later, Waiter rushed to Girl 1 and declared 'sori briyani habis, nasi tomato ok?'

Girl 1: Ok, anything.

God help me.

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