Life in the Bored Lane

Weekends for the lay people (lay as opposed to people who have a life) are NOT fun. Im speaking as one. I sit around doing nothing. I walk out to wash my car. I clean out my desk. I put on a cd. I wash my morning coffee cup. I call a friend. It went to voicemail (she has a life). I open the fridge. Two sausages in sight. I took sausages out. I put them in the sink.  I wait for them to defrost. I went to Youtube. No new funny videos. I googled 'depression'. Some medical link came up. I walked to sausages. Still cold and hard as corpse. I cursed. I switched on the TV. Oprah is talking. I threw the remote. I went back to depression website. No similar symptoms found. Walk to sausages again. They are soft. I turn on the stove. No gas.I died.

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