Shoot the Glutton

Somebody kill me, after so many weeks of militant dieting and some noted achievements in weight loss, i  finally died succumbed! Went to this Japanase place with Evon(bff, lawyer, on-and-off gym rat) and ate a set lunch.  SET MEAL is the number one sin in the Diet Bible and I have commmitted it conciously, it feels like commiting adultery; caught in bed with a steaming bowl of white rice, salmon fish head teriyaki, miso soup, salad and jelly. What possessed me?!!

Im so fat I have my own area code.

4 Response to "Shoot the Glutton"

  1. Should I say I'm so fat I own the whole district?

    Jaryn says:

    it is not a sin to have a cheat meal :)

    depriving ourselves of good whole meals for too long a time can be daunting and can backfire.

    the salmon sounds nice...but then, AGAIN, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.....


    seahorse: no , you are so fat when u walk into McDonalds, they give u a group discount

    jaja: wawawa sobs i need to consult u badly on calorie counting, im shitty at that haha call u in a bit

    That's interesting... I never get any discount when I go McD that's because they do not have such offer...

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